Chris Knight, Miles To Memphis Lyrics

Miles To Memphis Lyrics

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Chris Knight - Miles To Memphis Lyrics

2 cups of coffee and im back on the road
80 miles to memphis, is what the lady told
she smiled and thanked me, when she picked up my change
says "you have a safe trip, stay out of the rain"

im lookin through the windsheild
holding back the night
im lookin through the windsheild
for the morning light

the song on the radio, it used to make you cry
i only heard the last verse, then it passed me by
i asked you long ago, what you wanted in this life
a long way from memphis, you became my wife

repeat chorus

the coat you wore last winter, is the only thing you left behind
i know its warm in memphis, but you might need it some time
its 40 miles to memphis, but its best to pass on through
its the only i took away that i can give back to you

repeat chorus

im lookin through the windsheild
no end in sight
im lookin through the windsheild
for the morning light

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