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Castaway Lyrics

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Kris Kristofferson - Castaway Lyrics

One day as I was sailing on the Caribbean Sea
I spied a little fishing vessel drifting aimlessly
Her sails were torn and tattered
And her wheel was spinning free
I told myself that little boat sure looks a lot like me


ĎCause like a ship without a rudder
Iím just drifting with the tide
And each day Iím drawing closer to the brink
Just a speck upon the waters
Of an ocean deep and wide
I wonít even make a ripple when I sink

As I pulled along beside her and I climbed upon her deck
In the silence I could feel the hair a rising on my neck
I thought as I walked through the empty quarters down below
That lost abandoned vessel was the sister of my soul

In the emptiness my footsteps were like echoes in a cave
That seemed to say there ainít no way to leave this floating grave
And when I scrambled to the deck my ship had vanished like a dream
Leaving nothing but the lonely waves to hear my silent scream

Repeat Chorus

[Thanks to Max for lyrics]

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