Kris Kristofferson, Ramblin Jack Lyrics

Ramblin Jack Lyrics

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Kris Kristofferson - Ramblin Jack Lyrics

I got a friend named Rambliní Jack
Heís got a face like a tumbled down shack
Thatís been lived in too long to be torn down
Heís high on life and low on luck
And big on driving diesel trucks
And knows the boys that built them by the sound

Most of his lifetime heís been wasted
On the wine of life heís tasted
And I guess the rest, Lord, he was stoned
And heís known to lay his weary head
In some funky, unfamiliar beds
But he was only looking for a home

And I know he ainít afraid of where heís going
And Iím sure he ainít ashamed of where heís been
He has paid a little piece of his soul
For every seed that heís been sowing
And he made his own mistakes, and love, and friends
Ainít that what matters in the end

Soulful songs and sailing ships
Put a smile upon his lips
Easy as the laughter in his eyes
And if he knew how good heíd done
Every song he ever sung
I believe heíd truly be surprised

Looking back heís come so far
Looking at his lucky star
Somewhere, out there, rocking on the road
Risky nights and wasted days
Wild and righteous, wicked ways
Mixing up the music in his soul

Repeat Chorus

I got a friend named Rambliní Jack

[Thanks to Max for lyrics]

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