Ben Kweller, Full Circle Lyrics

Full Circle Lyrics

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Ben Kweller - Full Circle Lyrics

As I burned all the books I read
I recalled somethiní someone somewhere said;
ďThereís so much in us you donít see.Ē
Donít judge anyone because every-

-body comes full circle. Iíve come full circle.

Sand-shark tooth girl wonít cry for you
Sheís the kind of girl you just canít bite through
Throws you into her mindless maze
Locks you up for days, then she sits and says

ďIíve come full circle.Ē Iíve come full circle.

Runniní Ďround pulliní out yer hair
When youíre sittiní there in that captainís chair
One eye always up on the fuzz
Now Iím haviní fun sittiní shotfun Ďcause

Iíve come full circle, Iíve come full circle.

Promenade, wooo Brooklyn Heights to the Marfa lights
Open sky, wooo, lay me down let yer sweetness surround
Electricity ground, I just canít believe how

Iíve come full circle, Iíve come full cir ...
Iíve come full circle, Iíve come full cir ...
Iíve come full circle, Iíve come full circle!

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