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Adios Lyrics

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Kyle Bennett Band - Adios Lyrics

At a very young age of only fourteen when I felt that feeliní inside
Knew right then you were the one for me, the moment you looked in my eyes
Well I kissed your lips and I held your hand
Took me for a hell of a ride
Guess I didnít know love back then
Youíre my adios, baby, goodbye

Youíre my adios, baby, goodbye
And Iím all broke down inside
Love ainít on my side this time
Youíre my adios, baby, goodbye

Let few years roll on by before I finally saw you again
Told you right then you were the only one I tried to put a ring on your hand
Well the shine wore off of brand new love
You went and up and left me again
Flew out of Dallas with a baby inside and another manís ring on your hand

Youíre my adios, baby, goodbye
And Iím drinkiní til I see dawnís light
Honey you know what you did ainít right
Youíre my adios, baby, goodbye

Lyiní alone here in Fort Worth
You know I wish you well
Good luck in Spain with your brand new kid
And tell your husband he can go to hell
Well I know my spanish ainít all that good
Darliní I can give it a try
Thereís only one thing left to say
Adios, baby, goodbye

Adios, baby, goodbye
And Iím gettiní on with my life
Donít need you here by my side
Adios, baby, goodbye

[Thanks to Ryan for lyrics]

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