Kyle Bennett Band, Everything to Lose Lyrics

Everything to Lose Lyrics

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Kyle Bennett Band - Everything to Lose Lyrics

Well the feel of your body, Moonlight on your skin
Im intoxicated, with this love that Im in
I know youd never leave me, Youd never do me wrong
You smile when you see me, And you cry when Im gone
The sunrise this morning, Should have been sweeter than gold
With you right beside me, In my arms here to hold
You know Id never leave you, Id never do you wrong
I smile when I see you, And I cry when youre gone

But what Id give to hold you
And the warm light of day
Well show all those people
How our love was made
There aint nobody
Make me feel like you do
Youre my forever
Youre my everything to lose

Time keeps on turning, Makes pretty brown hair go grey
But well always remember, The love that we made
I stand by you faithful, Rock solid and strong
To angels from heaven, Come carry me back home

Youre my forever
Youre my everything to lose

[Thanks to Caree for lyrics]

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