Lady Antebellum, Things People Say Lyrics

Things People Say Lyrics

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Lady Antebellum - Things People Say Lyrics

(Dave Haywood / Charles Kelley)

There I was at the bus stop begginí you just to stay
Can we work this out, baby we can work this out
A dust trail from a Greyhound headed for the West Coast
As I watch you leave, it's gettin' hard to breathe
No this ainít how it was suppose to be
If youíre out chasiní all your dreams
Tell me where does that leave me

What about the plans that you left behind
The little white house by the railway line
The one we picked out
We even put the payment down
What about the promise that you made
To stay with me till your dying day
Said youíd never go away
Are they just things that people say
Are they just things baby

The preacher stopped by the house last Tuesday
Asked if I was fine
We sat and talked a while
He tried to make me smile
But itís so hard to show my face 'round lately
In this small town
I guess they heard the news
About me and you
Itís 3 AM and I canít sleep at all
I wonder where you are tonight and do I ever cross your mind

Repeat Chorus

Well my momma wonít stop crying
She wonders what went wrong
Could I have loved a little deeper
Or did I hold on too strong

Repeat Chorus

[Thanks to Sophie, Bethany for corrections]

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