Blaine Larsen, Not Too Bad Lyrics

Not Too Bad Lyrics

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Blaine Larsen - Not Too Bad Lyrics

Never met a man who didnít wonder what itíd be like
To have all the money in the world
And a maníd be lyiní if he said he never thought twice
About marriní a beauty queen girl
Have a big house on the high side of town
Boat and Benz all of them toys
Well I got a little spare change
And a woman who loves me
Not too bad for a good old boy

The oil pans leaks on my old pickup
But it gets me where I wanna go
Tape player quit but I can still get Country on my radio
And I just bought the wife a brand new used car
When I drove her home she jumped for joy
And the Jones next door well they raised an eyebrow
Not too bad for a good old boy

Well you can make fun of if you want to
Thinkiní I donít measure up in your eyes
But you can't take what youíve got with you
And I got all I need to get by
Lifeís about love and findiní it for life
Ainít all about makiní noise
I got piece of mind ĺ of the time
Not too bad for a good old boy

Lead Break


I got piece of mind ĺ of the time
Not too bad for a good old boy

[Thanks to 2 step for lyrics]

[Thanks to Cody G for corrections]

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