Jim Lauderdale Lyrics
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Jim Lauderdale Lyrics

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Jim Lauderdale Lyrics

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Album Lyrics: Patchwork River [2010]

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Lauderdale Jim
"Patchwork River" [2010]

  1. Patchwork River
  2. Jawbone
  3. Good Together
  4. Alligator Alley
  5. Louisville Roll
  6. Tall Eyes
  7. Turn to Stone
  8. El Dorado
  9. Up My Sleeve
  10. Far in the Far Away
  11. Between Your Heart and Mine
  12. Winnona
  13. My Lips are Sealed

Album Lyrics: Headed for the Hills [2004]

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Lauderdale Jim
"Headed for the Hills" [2004]

  1. High Timberline
  2. Looking Elsewhere
  3. Sandy Ford (Barbara Lee)
  4. Headed for the Hills
  5. Trashcan Tomcat
  6. Paint and Glass
  7. Tales from the Sad Hotel
  8. Crazy Peg and Darby Doyle
  9. Leaving Mobile
  10. Joanne
  11. I'll Sing Again
  12. Head for the Sun
  13. Upside Down

Album Lyrics: Jim Lauderdale - Other Songs [0]

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Lauderdale Jim
"Jim Lauderdale - Other Songs"

  1. I Met Jesus in a Bar

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