Laura Bell Bundy, Homecoming Queen Lyrics

Homecoming Queen Lyrics

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Laura Bell Bundy - Homecoming Queen Lyrics

Iíve always been a little left of the middle but right
where I belong
So many things to see, never one to settle, if you
were a hat Iíd try you on
Iíve never been shy, my heart donít lie, been liviní
on the right side of wrong
I donít worry Ďbout this, donít worry Ďbout that
I worry Ďbout where I am, not where Iím not at
I may talk too much but I say what I mean
I ainít worried Ďbout me, ainít worried Ďbout you
I worry Ďbout what I can, not what I canít do
I never needed to be the homecoming queen

When I was five, Iíd play dress up
And hook up Barbie with GI Joe
Now that Iím older, I must fess up, I miss those days
when Iím alone
You can call me strange and I may never change
But I think Iím happy so

Repeat Chorus

Just me and Norma Jean, doing our own thing,
making our own heaven
I may not get my way but I will be okay
I still count my blessings

Repeat Chorus

Never needed to be the homecoming queen

[Thanks to Ashleigh for lyrics]

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