Laura Bell Bundy, I'm No Good / For Ya Baby Lyrics

I'm No Good / For Ya Baby Lyrics

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Laura Bell Bundy - I'm No Good / For Ya Baby Lyrics

Do I know you, Ďcause there you are
Trust me, Iím not like any girl
at this bar
You can keep talkin' a mile a minute
And I can still see my life
without you in it
So donít (donít), donít ya start cryin'
Donít (donít), at least Iím not lyin'
Iím shootin' you straight,
straight from the hip
Donít waste your time,
just read my lips

I donít think you heard me correctly
Iím no good for you baby
I canít say this more directly
Iím no good for you baby
Iím no good (sheís no good)
Iím no good (sheís no good)
I told you, I told you,
proceed with care
Baby, oh baby, you better beware
I donít wanna lead you on
Iím no good for ya baby
Iím no good (no good)
Iím no good (no good)

Iíll shake my junk to make
other boys stare
And Iíll pretend youíre not
even standing there
I can drink whiskey like itís
going outta style
And you can wait for me to change
but youíll be waitin' quite awhile
So donít (donít), call me devil woman
Donít (donít), think youíll be
gettiní any lovin'

Iím reckless, and restless,
I donít clean my mess up
Iím tryin' to be nice, itís not often
that I fess up

Repeat Chorus

I ainít looking for Mr. Right, ainít
looking for Mr. Right now
You can say what you think, I wanna
hear but it wonít help you anyhow

Repeat Chorus

Iím no good, Iím no good....

[Thanks to Ashleigh for lyrics]

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