Laura Bell Bundy, Rebound Lyrics

Rebound Lyrics

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Laura Bell Bundy - Rebound Lyrics

Feeliní sorry for myself since the love is gone
But youíre all I want today
I just wonder can you make me feel that way
Tell me boy

If I get all over you, can I get over him?
Iíve been feelin' so blue, give me back my faith in men
Pick me up and lay me down, wonít you be my rebound

You gettiní the picture baby? (Yeah, I get it girl)

Iím not asking you for love or to commit
So, if you like it, you donít have to put a ring on it (Beyonce, uh-oh)
I donít want to behave
Iím just looking for a man who wants to play
What do you say?

Repeat Chorus

Iíve always followed my heart
But now I think I need a fresh start
Iíve seen you mopiní around
It might do you some good if you had rebound

If I get all over you, can ya get over her?
Youíve been feelin' so blue, but I can make it better for sure
Make it better, make

If I get all over you, can we get over them?
Weíve got nothiní to prove, but if we like it, we can do it again
Pick me up and lay me down, wonít you be my rebound

[Thanks to Ashleigh for lyrics]

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