Amy Lavere, Pointless Drinking Lyrics

Pointless Drinking Lyrics

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Amy Lavere - Pointless Drinking Lyrics

Pointless drinking
Where does it end where to begin
Who are you friends, who are you foes
Youíll never know as long as you go

Pointless drinking
Till it seems like theyíre all speaking poorly in Spanish
Who do you wish would totally vanish
And all you can do

Iím not an actor but I act like I am
I really am awful but I act like Iím not
Pretending my days hold the value of gold
But they only hold one thing and itís all that Iíve got

Pointless drinking
Keeping my healthy dose of resentment
Keeping me waking with an empty repentance
Keeping me broke, broke as a joke

Pointless drinking
Took all the days that I should have felt young
Took all the joy from the songs I have sung
Took me awhile, took me awhile

Well Iím not a hater, I love you all so
But I look at myself and I donít really know
Can I dig myself out of the wreck of my past
Will I ever unharden and stop showing my ass
Will those eternal bartenders ever stop filling this half-empty glass

Pointless drinking
Hate the effect, even more hate the cause
Hate to admit that Iím tragically flawed
I would keep going but letís pause for the cause

Pointless drinking
Why do you do it, you always go through it
You drink to forget all the times you blew it
Think everyone knows, think everyone cares

Pointless drinking
Keeping you drunk on your dreams of great heights
From the bottom to the top back down overnight
You know itís not right, you know itís not right

Pointless drinking
Itís just the one thing youíre overachieving
Feels like you never will stop believing
That youíll never win, youíll never win

[Thanks to max for lyrics]

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