Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, Oak Valley Girl Lyrics

Oak Valley Girl Lyrics

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Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver - Oak Valley Girl Lyrics

Thought I saw you but your not around
I must have been dreamin’ again
I miss you sometimes, so much that my mind
Goes back to where our love began
I remenber the first time we met
You were wearin’ that white cotton dress
It was under that oak tree were your eyes smiled at me
Oh Darlin’ I’ll never forget

Cause I still dream of you in my arms
Your the first love I had in this world
And I’ll never know love again
Like the love of my Oak Valley Girl

It ‘s the small things that come to my mind
Like the flowers you picked in the spring
How you’d weave them together to wear on our fingers
and said darlin’ this is our wedding rings
If I could turn back the pages of time
to where I left the valley that day
This time I’d know better, I’d hold you forever
And never go driftin’ away

And I’ll never know love again
Like the love of my Oak Valley Girl

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