Jesse Lee Lyrics
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Jesse Lee Lyrics

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Jesse Lee Lyrics

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Album Lyrics: Hotel [2014]

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Lee Jesse
"Hotel" [2014]

  1. What You Can't Have
  2. Killin' me
  3. Trashy Side
  4. Hearts Are Breakin'
  5. Fine
  6. Hotel
  7. Just Like Men
  8. Bullet Proof
  9. Stupid
  10. You Don't Have to Die
  11. Ferris Wheel
  12. Love You Enough

Album Lyrics: Come After Me [2011]

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Lee Jesse
"Come After Me" [2011]

  1. Come After Me
  2. Cry Baby
  3. Ghost of Us
  4. Talk to Me
  5. See a Little Difference
  6. Just Like Yesterday
  7. If I Were You
  8. If I Could Go Anywhere

Album Lyrics: It's A Girl Thing [2009]

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Lee Jesse
"It's A Girl Thing" [2009]

  1. It's A Girl Thing

Album Lyrics: Jesse Lee - Other Songs [0]

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Buy Jesse Lee - Other Songs CD
Lee Jesse
"Jesse Lee - Other Songs"

  1. Reason To Get Even
  2. Me Again
  3. Kissing in Cars
  4. Like My Mother Does
  5. Killin' Me
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