Jeremy Lesley, Cowgirl Tough Lyrics

Cowgirl Tough Lyrics

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Jeremy Lesley - Cowgirl Tough Lyrics

I was looking real nice in my Sunday suit
She was across the aisle in her Wrangler's and boots
I didn't hear a single word of the what the preacher said
With thoughts of that cowgirl stuck in my head
With a quick amen, she was out the door
And made a bee-line move to an old white Ford
I stood in the sun just burning alive
Watching her climb up in that four-wheel drive

She's wearing Justin boots and a Cruel Girl shirt
She's pretty in pink, all covered in dirt
She's going to break that mustang, and rope with the best
Hell, there ain't another like her in all of the West
She's going to still be rockin' when you've had enough
My pretty little baby is cowgirl tough

She's out in the ring on her favorite colt
He's a fine Appaloosa named Little Joe
No spurs on her boots, no reigns in her hands
She's talking just like Clinton Anderson
Now, I'm here on the fence, and it's easy to see
What she's done to that horse, she's doing to me
She's got me running, spinning, stopping on a dime
I'd do anything to make her all mine

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