Levi Lowrey, Hold On Tight Lyrics

Hold On Tight Lyrics

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Levi Lowrey - Hold On Tight Lyrics

My phone rings
She gave me the news
She's three weeks pregnant
Oh you're barely out of school
She says my fathers gonna kill us both
I told her, her face puts my heart in my throat

She was standing out on here front porch
Her hands were shakin' when I met her by the door
She said if you left now I would understand
I opened up the door and took her by the hand

Said Hold on tight, It's gonna be alright

She was showin' in her wedding dress
I was pacin' at the alter, scared to death
I fumbled in my pocket for the wedding ring
She started cryin' when I slid it on her hand

Said Hold on tight, It's gonna be alright

The years roll by and we grew strong
I guess we proved them wrong
They said we'd never last
But love is patient, love is kind
Love forgives and love is blind
Love has seen us thru the good times and the bad

Gettin' hard to get by these days
With no more money
And another baby on the way
When she sees that I am full of fear
She holds me in her arms and whispers in my ear
Hold on Tight, It's gonna be alright
Hold on Tight, It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright

[Thanks to sdonnelly for lyrics]

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