Aaron Lines, Twenty Years Late Lyrics

Twenty Years Late Lyrics

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Aaron Lines - Twenty Years Late Lyrics

Hey mom I know that it's late, hope i didn't wake you
Yeah, everything is O.K, I just didn't to talk to you
But I didn't call to complain
Just to say everything that I didn't for all those years

You were a taxicab driver, a nurse and a maid
A waitress, a cook and a shoulder to lay
My head on to cry on. when nothing was going my way
You knew every answer without cracking a book
and I took for granted that I had it so good
and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to say
Thank you I love you
Twenty years late

It's funny how time passing by can change your perspective
A little time on your own can sure make you think
I don't know how you did it
The days run together but I don't remember you
ever letting us down

You were the judge and the jury when I did wrong
Been my biggest fan from my very first song
the gas in the engine that always kept me moving on
a seamstress, a counselor and the one referee
that could cold stop a fight between my brother and me
and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to say
Thank you I love you
Twenty years late

I'll let you go now
but I hopw you now how I feel
Thank you for making me the man I've become
I love you and I will always be your son
mom that's all I called to say
Twenty years late.

[Thanks to Mary, Toni A for lyrics]

[Thanks to Nicky for corrections]

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