Lucky Hodnett, Long Road Home Lyrics

Long Road Home Lyrics

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Lucky Hodnett - Long Road Home Lyrics

Long Road Home
(Travis Dean / BMI)

(Verse 1) I remember the Sound of the wind
Through the willows and the way that road felt,No Shoes on my feet
Fireflies in June and your scent on my pillow
Reminding me of how it felt when you were here with me

(Verse 2) I remember the taste of your kiss in the morning
And the way your hair danced like leaves in the fall
The rush of that river flowing thru the hollows
Taking me back to when I had it all

(Chorus) Itís been a Long Road Home
Been a Long Road Home
I been out on this highway for far too long
Itís been a Long Road Home

(Verse3) Now youíre beside me, standing in your white gown
Me in my Sunday best, standing next to you
Taking our vows underneath that willow
I meant it then when I said I do

(Repeat Chorus)

(Tag) Itís been a Long Road Home

[Thanks to Lucky Hodnett for lyrics]

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