Lucky Hodnett, Star in Tennessee Lyrics

Star in Tennessee Lyrics

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Lucky Hodnett - Star in Tennessee Lyrics

(Joel Wade BMI )

(Verse 1)

Born down in Mississippi
Just as poor as a boy could be
Going to Nashville to make a name
In a town surrounded with fame
Nothing but a guitar on my back
Twenty dollars and an old nap sack
Playing in every honky tonk bar
Trying to be a country star
Sometimes they don稚 like what I play
But I知 gonna make it some day

And I値l be a star in Tennessee
I知 gonna have those lights shining on me
All that it will take
Is one big break
And I値l be a star in Tennessee

(Verse 2)

What痴 a poor boy to do
Trying to make it on 16th Avenue
You barely get enough to eat
Pitching songs on the street
You feel lonely and misunderstood
The breaks never come like they should
I busted down the producers door
Song hit the charts and I finally sold
Went all the way to number one
I知 in a limo and I知 having fun
I got gold records on the walls
And now I知 playing the sold out halls

And now I知 a star in Tennessee
And I got those lights shining on me
Now I know all that it took
Was just a little bit of luck
And now I知 a star in Tennessee

[Thanks to Lucky Hodnett for lyrics]

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