Lucky Hodnett, Take Me Back to Mississippi Lyrics

Take Me Back to Mississippi Lyrics

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Lucky Hodnett - Take Me Back to Mississippi Lyrics

(Joel Wade / BMI)

(Verse 1)
I grew up in Mississippi by an old cotton mill
We lived in a four room house on a little hill
We didnít have a whole lot more
But we had each other
You know we were family
And we love one and other

Take me back to Mississippi
Where the sun always shines
Where I used to go fishing
With a cane pole and a line
Take me back to Dixie land
Iíve been gone too long
Lord how I miss my Mississippi home

(Verse 2)
We picked cotton in Mississippi
Almost every day
Underneath that old hot sun
We wished it would go away
on Saturday night till we get right
we go out a hunting coons
Under the Mississippi Moon

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Sunday afternoons
We come home from church
We eat homemade ice cream
Sitting on the front porch
I can still remember
Grandpa tell a joke
Sitting around and laughing
With all my kin folk

(Repeat Chorus)

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