Lucky Hodnett, Two Beers Ago Lyrics

Two Beers Ago Lyrics

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Lucky Hodnett - Two Beers Ago Lyrics

(Ruthie Steele, Mike Headric & Donna Hagan / BMI)

(Verse1)Well hello stranger, nice of you to call me on my birthday
Whodíve thought that youíd remember me from years ago
You packed up your things took off your rings, thatís all that I remember
Iíve been through hell, but I stopped missing you
Two beers ago

(Chorus)It took some time and just when I was sure that it was over
You called, and all those memories and pain began to flow
I popped another top and it all stopped and now Iím happy
Itís through, I did stop missing you
Two beers ago

(Verse2)No need for you to call again, Ďcause time and lots of old Milwaukee
Have seen me through forgetting you
Now Iíll be fine and soÖ
Letís say goodnight, donít call or write
Erase me from your memory
Please do, Ďcause I stopped missing you
Two beers ago

(repeat chorus)

(tag)Ohhhh, its true I did stop missing you
Two beers agoÖ

[Thanks to Lucky Hodnett for lyrics]

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