Shelby Lynne, I Won't Die Alone Lyrics

I Won't Die Alone Lyrics

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Shelby Lynne - I Won't Die Alone Lyrics

Ramble with an overtone
This queen lives without a drone
Searching lights they lead me home
I wonít die alone.

Gamble with your old wifeís money
You might need to call her honey
Nights are black and days are sunny
I wonít die alone.

Hot white cake and ice cold coffee
Get this creepy monkey off me
Stomp and rant but do it softly
I wonít die alone.

Wait and watch and paint and powder
Turn the noise up make it louder
I canít leave here as a coward
I wonít die alone.

Wipe your head and be not sweaty
This room feels a little heavy
I ainít worried I am ready
I wonít die alone.

Itís raining on my love parade
Look at what a mess I made
Itís all a joke a big charade
I wonít die alone.

This is easy this is gravy
I feel like a little baby
This feels like a natural fade
I wonít die alone
I wonít die alone.

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