Shelby Lynne, You Don't Have A Heart Lyrics

You Don't Have A Heart Lyrics

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Shelby Lynne - You Don't Have A Heart Lyrics

Canít believe the words you said your voice keeps hitting me in the head
I remember when you told me youíd never say mean things like that.
Thought you had your love in tact but I was wrong thinking things like that
Might be time to reconsider what my plans have been.

Cause when the girls walked by I could see that you never really wanted to be with me
Out the corner of your eye you were saying hi youíre never satisfied.

You donít have a heart.
You donít have a soul.
You donít see things clear and baby Iím too old
To teach you about love
Or get down on my knees
I wish you the best but itís time for me to leave
No, You donít have a heart.

Oh I used to think that you had it all you said the words and Iíd start to crawl
What a fool believes is the everything.
Oh I must have had a head made out of wood wasnít thinking with my brain like I know I should.
My heart led the way but Iím not ashamed.

Cause when a womanís blind to all the heartaches she never knows the price sheís gonna have to pay
You stole my heart and took my pride but Iíll survive and come out on the other side.


Oh we all reap what we all sow your times coming you donít even know.
ItĎs worth the wait to watch you burn
Iím front row center as the tables turn.


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