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Truckstop Lyrics

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Mama Sweet - Truckstop Lyrics


Four-thirty at a truckstop outside of Gainesville

I walked in to rest a while

Then a girl came in

To grab another tank full

She looked at me and I just smiled

I heard her say she'd been driving all night

She got to head to the city just to catch a flight

But it don't leave until the afternoon

She said I've done my time in Texas

And I've never seen Paris France

And a postcard from a friend of mine

Said this might just be my chance

I fly out of Oklahoma

Do you think you'd like a ride?

Or will you walk away from another day

With your thumb aimed at the sky

We spent that morning on the road

Sharing tales and getting high

Then she said hey mister it's time to go

And I just hate to say goodbye

All them times that I've been burned

There's still one lesson that I won't learn

You don't know what you have until it's gone

I got a three day walk to Texas

And it's raining in Paris France

And I'd grab that girl and I'd love her, lord

If I only had the chance

So God smile on Oklahoma

Because I can't seem to find a ride

As I walk away from another day

With my thumb aimed at the sky.

[Thanks to Aron Holt for lyrics]

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