Mark McKinney, Warm With You Lyrics

Warm With You Lyrics

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Mark McKinney - Warm With You Lyrics

I hear the city waking up, scurrying on the run
I wrap my arms around you, I donít want the day to come
Thereís drops of water on the window and the clock says time to roll
Kiss your neck, breathe in your hair, I donít wanna rise and go
Cause the world out there is cold hard and blue, and Iím still warm with you

The wind hits me between the eyes, I pull my hat down low
I work my way through rain and hail, mud, sleet and slow
Ití might not be here with me, but Iíve tucked you in my heart
And I keep your flame burning there while weíre apart
Even when Iím alone, itís true, that Iím still warm with you

Tough as nails, sharp as ice, this old cruel world can cut you hard
Leave you bitter cold, sad and froze, you can build a fire
but you still need a spark to warm your heart

Thoughts of rivers and a scorching sun and the smell of green grass
Longing for those days again with the butterflies blowing past
Maybe I could rescue us, we could set sail for the sun
But even this old dead gray world will come back, she ainít done
Iím feeling lost searching for a clue, Iím still warm with you

When I bottom out and lord knows I do
Well, Iím still warm with you

[Thanks to Rebecca for lyrics]

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