Amanda Marsh, Makin a Change Lyrics

Makin a Change Lyrics

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Amanda Marsh - Makin a Change Lyrics

Verse 1
I was sure that it was over
Lost and confused didnít know what to do
And I felt like I was all alone.
No place to go or to call my own

B section
I was looking and waiting to find a way out
but no matter what happens

I wont be the one who sets my dreams aside
I know that Iím much smarter than that oh oh
Donít tell me what I can and canít do with my life
When all is said and done,
Iím making a change

Verse 2
So from now on Iíve decided just what I want
And how its going be
I will not let myself get
distracted or so far off track

B section
I know Iíve been wrong but now Iím in control
Thereís so much more that I can do
So starting today Iíll be turning the page
Saying goodbye to everything I knew

Iím making a change
To start something new
Iím making a change
That I only I can do
Iím gunna do
Exactly what I want
with my life
Iím making a change

Iím making change

[Thanks to Sarah Thompson for lyrics]

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