Del Mccoury Band, Same Kind of Crazy Lyrics

Same Kind of Crazy Lyrics

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Del Mccoury Band - Same Kind of Crazy Lyrics

Did you ever meet somebody

That likes all the same things you do

Somebody who can make you

Or break you anytime they want to

I met her at a red light

Love at first sight can this be true

Sheís good for me and

She told me I was good for her too

Now I donít want to jump into anything

Iíve been trying to use some self restraint

But man sheís the same kind of crazy as me


Wild wild nights

Chasiní each other through the moonlight

My, my, my

I finally got something right

Cause every little offbeat move she makes

Suits me to a tee

You know what Iím saying

Sheís the same kind of crazy as me


Itís getting hard to use a ladder

Cause I keep climbing down just to kiss her

And if sheís out of sight

For a minute or two

I start to miss her

We stay all tangled up in each otherís arms

And itís so nice

She talks in her sleep

And she always get my name right

If thereís anything al all

Thatís wrong with her

It something that I canít see

Ainít no doubt about it

Sheís the same kind of crazy as me

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