Del Mccoury Band, Two-Faced Love Lyrics

Two-Faced Love Lyrics

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Del Mccoury Band - Two-Faced Love Lyrics

Two-faced love, that makes me doubt my mind

Two-faced love, that keeps me paralyzed

Two-faced love, I pace the room at night

Why canít I get you off my mind

Oh I try to dull my feelings down

In every bar in every town

But your eyes

They follow me around

Why canít I get you off my mind

Face the music, face the facts

Different sides of different tracks

Put my fee on holy ground

Then I helter-skelter down

Confused or being used

Two-faced love

Oh, I donít like your think skin

And I donít like the places youíve been

And I donít like the mood youíre in

Why canít I get you off my mind

You donít make my blood run cold

You donít fit my jelly mold

You donít come up for air when youíre digging for gold

Why canít I get you off my mind

If I read the signals right

I might be your slave tonight

Pardon my naive caress

Tender foot, tenderness


To tell the truth

Tow-faces love

Feels so wrong it must be right

Two-faced love

Why canít I get you off my mind.

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