Lori McKenna, You Get a Love Song Lyrics

You Get a Love Song Lyrics

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Lori McKenna - You Get a Love Song Lyrics

Well, they ainít gonna make a movie
About a couple of fools like us
No oneís gonna write a book
About our little love
You donít get your picture on the local front page
For falling in love at a reckless age,

For saying I do when youíre 19
In a hand-me-down dress with a pawn shop ring
For having no money for a honeymoon
Cuz youíre saving it up for the baby boom
For knowing a love dies hard when it starts this young
Well, you donít get much - no no
But you get a love song...

Well, this Sundayís sermon wonít mention
All the work we put into this love
They ainít gonna hang a billboard
Congratulating us
For surviving every rise and fall
For being more hard headed than a wrecking ball, no no

For letting me chase a hopeless dream
For giving up on trying to change me
For drinking your way so far down
I almost thought I couldnít pull you out
But knowing the only thing harder than letting go is holding on
Well, you donít get much - no no
But you get a love song...

Next time a hurricane comes through
They wonít name it after us
And how could you paint a picture
That looked anything like love
The 6 oíclock news donít give a damn
That by the grace of God we worked it out again

For working overtime and living week to week
For letting your dreams fall into me
For being a man with a damn true heart
Iím gonna hold you through the hardest parts
For being a love that will last - even after life is gone
You donít get much - no no
But you get a love song...

[Thanks to Christine Wolf for lyrics]

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