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Back Home Lyrics

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Barry Michael - Back Home Lyrics

Iím the one under the gun, most of the time Iím havin fun
everything usually comes real easy to me.
I got friends that call every once in a while and others that we talk like itís going out of style.
I never worry about much my spirit is free.
It all started when I was one week old. I was laid on an alter for the world to know
My old man and my preacher man were the same. Yeah but
My home life was no fairytale. It was me Deanna and my sister Michelle
gettin fed the word of truth every day.

Back home is where the chance was givin to me.
I go back to get where I can clearly see.
But every time that I get lost I crawl back on my hands and knees
Back home where I need to be.

My momma was a typical preacherís wife, prayin her way through struggles and strife.
Tryin the best she could to pass it my way.
I played football, baseball, tennis, and golf and every time I got the chance Iíd get lost
Runnin from my dad and what he had to say
And When I moved out everything got bad, struggling between sin and God.
There wadínt no sense in me acting that way,
Cause I was in church every time the door was cracked even though I sat way back in the back.
They tried to teach me but I learned the hard way.

This is my life, thereís no need to explain
Iíve made my decisions. Iím living with the pain.
When I look back on all the things Iíve tried
Iím surprised Iím still alive.

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