Micky and The Motorcars, Rock Springs To Cheyenne Lyrics

Rock Springs To Cheyenne Lyrics

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Micky and The Motorcars - Rock Springs To Cheyenne Lyrics

Written by: Kip Attaway

I donít think that Iíll ever forget the winter of Ď72

It must have been the coldest year that I ever knew

I left my home in Dallas to head out for Idaho

Before I reached Colorado I hit three feet of snow


Singing Lord, let the wind blow you know Iím so cold

Rock Springs to Cheyenne is a bad stretch Iíve been told

2 oíclock in the morning on Thanksgiving Day

Itís a damn good thing Iím a God fearing man

Iíve been forced to pray

Yeah itís a damn good thing Iím a God fearing man

Iíve been forced to pray

Thereís a little dog riding by my side

And heís shivering just like me

And Lord Iím kind of glad itís dark outside

Cause there really ainít nothing to see

I kinda wish I had a radio to take my mind off you

I got my hands on the wheel of something thatís real

And my fingers are turning blue


I learned a lesson in Denver and again in San Antone

Thereís lies in California

And you know the truthís in Mountain Home

How can you trust your brother,

When you canít even trust yourself

And your loveís what keeps your woman

From being with somebody else


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