Mike Mcclure Lyrics
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Mike Mcclure Lyrics

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Mike Mcclure Lyrics

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Album Lyrics: Halfway Out of the Woods [2010]

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Mike Mcclure
"Halfway Out of the Woods" [2010]

  1. Hide From the Sun
  2. Ezekiel's Wheel
  3. Bumming Around
  4. I'd Have to be Crazy
  5. Everything You Know
  6. Love is Revenge
  7. Into the Blue
  8. I Know Who I Am
  9. Halfway Out
  10. Don't Take it Away

Album Lyrics: Foam [2008]

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Mike Mcclure
"Foam" [2008]

  1. I Know
  2. Saint's in the Twilight
  3. Floods
  4. Belly of the Beast
  5. Jack of Diamonds
  6. Fool's Holiday
  7. Fire
  8. She Don't Want Nobody
  9. Lucky Man
  10. Riverside
  11. Calling All Cars

Album Lyrics: Camelot Falling [2005]

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Mike Mcclure
"Camelot Falling" [2005]

  1. Into The Mystic
  2. Walkin' On The Moon
  3. Eden Burning / Camelot Falling
  4. Where The Wild Ones Run
  5. Modelo
  6. Don't Fear To Tread
  7. Roll Another Number
  8. Mustang
  9. Sometimes It's Hard To Tell
  10. Remain
  11. Traveler

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