Montgomery Gentry, God Knows Who I Am Lyrics

God Knows Who I Am Lyrics

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Montgomery Gentry - God Knows Who I Am Lyrics

God Knows Who I Am (Featuring Lillie Mae Rische of Jypsi)

I知 a total stranger to a three piece suit
I知 more kin to jeans and boots
I知 a hard days work to an aching back
I知 a promise to a callous to both these hands
I wear a lot of hats

I知 a walk in the park to an irish setter
A stamp of approval writing mama a letter
Weekend coach from my quarterback chair
My faith hangs on this cross I wear

I知 a lot of things to a lot of things
Not always a winner, a loser I ain稚
I知 a full time sinner, a part saint
And I ain稚 afraid of fear, if it makes me a better man
God knows who I am

I知 a husband, a brother, a father, a son
A slap on the back, a handshake a hug
I知 a safe place to land when she needs a shoulder
And I知 all arms when she wants me to hold her


I try to start and end everyday
Making a little time to pray
One on one with the man
Cause from my knees I know where I stand
And I thank God
God knows who I am


God Knows Who I Am

[Thanks to Jerry Smith for lyrics]

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