Ruth Moody, Never Said Goodbye Lyrics

Never Said Goodbye Lyrics

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Ruth Moody - Never Said Goodbye Lyrics

I never said goodbye
Maybe I never even said hello
Why did you have to go
Were you feeling sad
I wish I'd called to say it's not so bad
Though I know
that's all very well to say
I would have anyway
to try and make you stay
at least another day
I never said farewell
I didn't know that it was
on your mind
I should've seen the signs
I never realized
You'd come all the way down
to the wires
There are so many things
I could have said
Before the summer set
but chances came and went
I won't forget
And now it's clear as day
I don't know what it was
Standing in the way
I don't know what it was
You could have asked me
You could have asked me
I never said goodbye
I thought I saw you on the avenue
Now I realize it wasn't you
I just got the news

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