Justin Moore, Field Fulla Hillbillies Lyrics

Field Fulla Hillbillies Lyrics

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Justin Moore - Field Fulla Hillbillies Lyrics

They decided to take a break from the city
Took a little ride down 95
Pulled off on a little county road
Hit the Cracker Barrel home cookiní ya know
Had to get a taste of the real world
Bought a camo shirt from the gift shop girl
Hit a gravel road not far from there
A little nature trip just looking for deer
Grandma was sittiní in the backseat
Saw a little commotion going on
She said try not to stare but look over there Lord I swear

Thatís a field fulla hillbillies
A bunch of trucks jacked up kicked back
Hanging out like chill billies
Little girls snuggled up real close
Ya know giving Ďem the thrill billies
That right thereís the real thing
A buncha rednecks in the country
Always have been always will be
A buncha hillbillies
Yeah, Hillbillies

So they watched a little while sitting there in the car
Pretty soon they started pulling out Mason jars
Filling up little red cups of plastic
Like a scene outta National Geographic
The sun was going down so they lit a fire
The party had some kinda cave man desire
The music they were playing out across that field
Had the bottom end thumping on the windshield
They know how to make it look fun
Kinda makes you wish you were one
Right there kids thatís how it is life in the sticks

Repeat Chorus

Son of a gun they make it look fun
Oh there ainít nothiní like

Repeat Chorus

[Thanks to Cassondra Keith for lyrics]

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