Craig Morgan, Fish Weren't Bitin Lyrics

Fish Weren't Bitin Lyrics

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Craig Morgan - Fish Weren't Bitin Lyrics

My babyíd been wishing
That Iíd take her fishing
So we waited on the perfect day
Hitched up my old john boat
To see if it would still float
Shouldíve seen the smile on her face
I found a little cove, dropped the lines, to try our luck
Before too long she said itís starting to heat up

So she took off her shirt
Said Iíll get a little sun
Handed me the Coppertone
Man I had me some fun
I rubbed it in real good, and I didnít miss a spot
And I got to see that little pink bikini top
Cause the fish werenít bitiní

She said Iíll lay out a little
But if we get a nibble
I want to be the one to reel him in
I said ďbaby you got itĒ
Weíll tell Ďem all you caught it
But youíre getting some red there on your skin
So I rubbed her down again, she said baby that feels nice
Wonít you lay right here beside me, she didnít have to ask me twice

I kissed her lips
As the sun went down
We lost track of time
As we floated around
That john boat rocked out there in the dark
She still claims I stole her heart
Cause the fish werenít bitiní

We still laugh about that little fishing trip we took
To this day, she donít know, I didnít bait the hook

You know I love to catch Ďem, but brother I wonít lie
I had the best day of my life
Cause the fish werenít bitiní
No the fish werenít bitiní

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