Van Morrison, Pay The Devil Lyrics

Pay The Devil Lyrics

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Van Morrison - Pay The Devil Lyrics

One man's meat is another man's poison
One man's gain can be another man's loss
I'm travellin' down to the lonely highway
'Cause a rollin' stone don't gather no moss

Once I thought I could live the kind of life I wanted
But the wayward wind made me restless and a fool of me
'Cause I thought I could settle for the nine to five life
Well, I guess it just was never meant to be

Now people talk and they speculate about
What other people would do
But they can't put themselves within my shoes
It used to be my life, now it's become my story
I'm headin' down this highway with those blues

Well, I'd love to see the sun setting on the riverside
Just to go back home and I want to settle down
Well, I have to pay the Devil for my music
Why I have to keep on with this roamin' around

Have to pay the Devil for my music, yes
Keep on rollin' from town to town
Have to pay the Devil for to play my music
Keep on rollin' from town to town

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