Cory Morrow, Lord, You Devil Lyrics

Lord, You Devil Lyrics

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Cory Morrow - Lord, You Devil Lyrics

oh lord you devil, there you go again
lettin that girl come around my heart, creepin underneath my skin
we had a deal lord, that you tore up when she came near
oh lord you devil, where you going, i think id better steer

oh lord you devil, what the hell this is
my whole world is upside down, just from one sweet kiss
what are you up to, i never planned to let her in
oh lord you devil, what you doing, i thought that we were friends

i know youre up there in the clouds, oh laughin right out loud
laughin at the way love changes and it always rearranges
everything we do, oh lord you devil
i cant stop it, so ill leave it up to you


repeat chorus

oh lord you devil, theres just one more thing
howd you know she was the gift, to make this fools heart sing
i had it coming, with all those tricks you played on me
oh lord you devil, thanks for listening, i think i finally see

oh lord you devil, thanks for listening, she means the world to me
oh lord you devil, there you go again

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