Joe Nichols, My Whiskey Years Lyrics

My Whiskey Years Lyrics

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Joe Nichols - My Whiskey Years Lyrics

One of these days, I'm gonna wake up.
With somethin' to lose, and I'll get over you.
I'll walk outside, I'll look at the sky.
For the first time through clear, blue eyes.
My head won't hurt, my heart won't ache.
I'll forgive myself for my mistakes.
And I'll be as good as new if I can just get through.
My whiskey years.
One of these nights when I'm feelin' brave.
You'll come back around and I'm gonna put you down.
I might start to shake but I'll find the strength.
To stand up straight and I'll walk away.
And I won't look back, you won't see.
If I fall apart when you follow me.
I'll be good as new if I can just get through.
My whiskey years.
(Bridge:) My whiskey years.
My wilder days.
The crazy times.
When I was stoned out of my mind.
When I could sit and sip away.
All the hurt and pain.
Whom I'm tryin' to fool.
I'm still goin' through.
My whiskey years.
(Repeat Bridge)
My whiskey years.

[Thanks to Braylee, Edgard for lyrics]

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