Tanyss Nixi, Refinery Row Lyrics

Refinery Row Lyrics

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Tanyss Nixi - Refinery Row Lyrics

Refinery Row

When your time becomes money it has no other value
the money you make becomes time you canít use
you are motionless dead weight and the life you have wasted
is the only one given and itís wasted on you

You like smoke stacks and diesel
you like Hollywood pictures
you like fake tans and football and cable tv
And itís what you aspire to that will always define you
and itís what you will turn out to be

We could give up ourselves to the beauty around us
see if itís true that the best things are free
and have been here for ages, ah but waiting attention
and someone to choose them over pittance and greed

So you and me donít have to live in a house on Refinery Row

We could walk off our jobs and go live in a dumpster
wake up with the birds and find food in the garbage
and drink wine on a park bench
and be dirty and honest
If thatís the worst that can happen then it sounds good to me

Shouldnít everyday living be some kind of wonder
with your favourite sounds and your favourite things
like the smell of the soil after sky-water soaks it
to be full of that current
and to fly in your dreams
So you and me donít have to live in a house on Refinery Row...

[Thanks to James Patterson for lyrics]

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