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Bad Dog, No Biscuit Lyrics

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Daron Norwood - Bad Dog, No Biscuit Lyrics

Bad Dog, No Biscuit
( written by William Kitchens / Richard S. Ferrell )

Stayed out late with the boys again
I got to reminiscing and it got out of hand
Pulled up in the driveway, saw the porch light on
Trouble Jack, that's a fact, throw me a bone

Back in the pound, back on the chain
My baby left me out in the rain
I scratched at the door, she told me to get
She said, "Bad dog, no biscuit"

I whimpered and I whined and started to beg
"I hope you freeze", was all she said
Slept out in my truck with my heater on
Hey Roy, oh boy, throw me a bone

(Repeat chorus)

I woke up with a fever and a runny nose
I'm a housebroken baby, I do what I'm told
I won't ever stray, ever roam
Hush honey, honey hush, throw me a bone

(Repeat chorus three times)

Bad dog

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