Alecia Nugent, Paper and Pen Lyrics

Paper and Pen Lyrics

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Alecia Nugent - Paper and Pen Lyrics

Thereís a letter in a shoebox
In a dresser she keeps locked
But sheís never read it all the way through
It was the last one he wrote her
She was sure it was over
From all that he told her in the first line or two

He said times are hard now
Got some things left to sort out
And a man in his freedom donít easily part
Thatís where she stopped reading
Her soul was bleeding
So she choose her weapon and went for his heart

With paper and pen she got her last words in
I never loved you was the lie she wrote him
He couldnít believe the reply he received
What a sad tragedy for good love to end
Who needs a knife when you can take someoneís life
With paper and pen

Well, they say he went crazy
In just a few days he
He got on the bottle and went out of his mind
To this day she donít know
In the letter that he wrote
He asked for her hand in the very last line

Oh who needs a knife when you can take someoneís life
With paper and pen

[Thanks to Lori Beth Whitfield for lyrics]

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