The Oakridge Boys, The Boys Are Back Lyrics

The Boys Are Back Lyrics

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The Oakridge Boys - The Boys Are Back Lyrics

The Boys are back, bustin' on the scene
We ain't got nothin' now that wasn't first in our dreams
We got Jesus in the front seat steerin' this thing
We're right on track, no matter how it stacks
The Boys are back, the Boys are back

The world is changin' and it ain't so cool
You got politicians lobbyin' takin' God out of school
But how can you change the game, if you don't make the rules
I feel just like a prisoner on a ship of fools
We're gonna write it down, there won't be no white flag
Cuz the Boys are back, the Boys are back

This train is comin', it's headed your way
We're up against the eve, and we got so much to say
The devil may come and try to lead us astray
But we all know where we stand at the end of the day
Like four strong winds blowing for around and back and back and
The Boys are back, the Boys are back

Well, gather round children we got a story to tell, 'bout ol' Wally
Fowler and a dream that never fell,
Now those that came before us, gonna guide us to the water
Where we all can take the hand of the almighty Father
Until we hit the black, we've been planning this attack
And the Boys are back, the Boys are back.

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