Tim O'Brien, Me And Dick's Trip To Ireland Lyrics

Me And Dick's Trip To Ireland Lyrics

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Tim O'Brien - Me And Dick's Trip To Ireland Lyrics

Me and Dirk took a little trip
Across the sea on a big air ship
Riley Baugus came along
Helped us play our banjo songs
Prettiest place that I've ever seen
Entirely covered in emerald green

Chorus: Ate a lotta hog
Drank a lotta grog
Stepped in a bog
Came back in a fog

Place over there called Crosses of Annagh
West Clare's answer to the Copa Caabana
Mairtin and Danny, Siobhan and Ciaran
Reelin in the front room, Dermy was steerin
Three in the mornin, our welcome was shot
We moved the session to the parkin lot

Half an hour later, nature was callin
Got to the point where there's no more stallin
Dirk climbed up on a three foot wall
We all cried No! as he started to fall
Up to his thighs in a soggy ooze
Peein as the water filled up his shoes

Five in the mornin, sun comin up
Playin more tunes, we were in our cups
Up on a trailer dancin the tango
Three steps, boom, it's a fine fandango
A little while later, sun gettin higher
We rolled Harry Bradley in a tractor tire

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