Old Man Markley, Too Soon for Goodnight Lyrics

Too Soon for Goodnight Lyrics

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Old Man Markley - Too Soon for Goodnight Lyrics

Too soon for goodnight
Finally catching my second wind
Don't turn out the light
The caffeine has just started kicking in

The show isn't over, I'm doing my best
I swear that this evening won't be like the rest
Just don't leave me to die with my head on my chest
Too soon for goodnight

I feel so ashamed (feel so ashamed)
Try to convince me there's nothing wrong
'Cause I'm losing the game (losing the game)
Just give me the strength to play one more song

My limbs have grown heavy, I'm feeling half dead
Don't tempt me with thoughts of a warm cozy bed
In a minute my eyes will roll up in my head
Too soon for goodnight

Closing my eyes, letting the dreams take hold
Colliding with telephone poles

Too soon for goodnight
Tomorrow still seems like it's far away
Gonna use all my might
As long as I'm standing I'll be ok

The room is now empty, no sound in the place
Just me sitting here with that music to face
Make my way to the bus with my last bit of grace
Too soon for goodnight [x3]

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