Brad Paisley, Officially Alive Lyrics

Officially Alive Lyrics

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Brad Paisley - Officially Alive Lyrics

So you ruffled some feathers, yeah, youíve done it now
Turned the tables in the temple clean upside down
Youíre out on a ledge and one thingís for sure
When youíve got Ďem all wishiní youíd never been born

Congratulations, you are officially alive
Itís confirmation you are officially alive

Itís not the double kick of an ultrasound
Or a piece of paper on file downtown
It takes more than a beat and a breath and a name
Itís when youíre so in love and so in pain

Congratulations, you are officially alive
Hereís affirmation, you are officially alive

Yeah, itís a tragedy to go through history and simply just exist
Youíre gonna realize how quick it flies by and everything you missed
And suddenly youíre standing there in scrubs
Love has found new flesh and blood
Itís a feeling you werenít ready for
When youíre lookiní in eyes that look like yours

Congratulations, you are officially alive
This is creation, you are officially alive
You are officially alive

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