Joshua Panda, Buttermilk Holler Lyrics

Buttermilk Holler Lyrics

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Joshua Panda - Buttermilk Holler Lyrics

Holler down from the hills Miss Ruthie
The boys are cominí home
Iíll fetch some kindling wood
And you unplug the phone
This old vanís almost out of gas
Two more switchbacks to go
And I can see that front porch light
Gleaminí off a blanket of snow

There is a place on the east side of Tennessee
Where I can go when this old life starts killiní me
Sweet southern dreams below the Mason Dixon Line
One the east side of Tennessee by the border of Caroline

Two weeks in the City
Four weeks out on the road
My feel smell like a puffed up pig
And thereís whiskey stains on my clothes
I think itís time for a good nightís sleep
And a couple of home cooked meals
Time to hold a girl in my arms
Who knows just how I feel

Repeat Chorus

Yes I think itís time
For a good nightís sleep
And a couple of home cooked meals
And to get some dirt between my toes
To remind me how it feels

Repeat Chorus

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