Joshua Panda, Crazy 'bout Rue Lyrics

Crazy 'bout Rue Lyrics

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Joshua Panda - Crazy 'bout Rue Lyrics

We can agree that youíre usually right
And our best conversations are in the middle of the night
Now, youíre driving that budget truck
Youíre a thousand miles away
Youíre gone
But part of you stayed

Cause you left your scent on my pillow
And Iím leaving your sock on the floor
And when you come back at the end of the summer
Life will be better, so much better than before

Now, youíre driving from Charlotte to Charlotte
Before you go let me propose this one last thought
There will be other boys, other clowns in those other towns
But they canít give you even half of what I got

Talkiní bout love
Sweet love
Iím gonna give you all my love
And when you come back at the end of the summer
Thereíll be twice as much love as before

Iím always amazed by the things that make you high
Sniffiní my armpits peeliní my sunburn when my skin is way too dry
Weíll always have Warren Wilson
And the passion that ensued
I got a truckload of passion just waiting here for you

So I placed my heart in your purse
And this song grows more redundant now with every verse
And when you come back at the end of the summer
We can discuss Stevie Nicks and the Counting Crows and which one is worse

Breakiní it off Van Morrison style
Just to make you smile
Shout out to Marisa and Krissy too
Lord knows but, oh, Iím crazy bout Rue

We can drink wine and listen to Marvin Gaye
And send sweet donuts to each other in the middle of the day
You got that long brown hair
And that pretty little sundress
Iím Ďonna sing you a verse of Egyptian Princess

I wanna walk with you for miles in the pouring rain
And let our love shine a smile on the people again
And when you come back and we join hands together again
Life will be better so much better than before
And we can live as one
Like weíve never done before

[Thanks to Joshua Panda for lyrics]

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