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Rosie Lyrics

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Joshua Panda - Rosie Lyrics

I was headed up North on an Amtrack train,
When I got there, all it did was rain.
Rosie, help me forget my pain
When Iím so far from home.

There ainít nothiní that Iíve ever seen,
Like my Rosie ridiní round in a red limousine.
Everybody say she look the queen of the now
So come on Rosie and smile x2
Come on Rosie and smile,
Weíll bring it back in style.
Come on Rosie and smile.

Well the winter came and winter went,
When I woke up all my moneyíd been spent.
Rosie gave up eatiní pork for Lent,
Now she donít bring home the bacon no more.

Repeat Chorus

If the ocean was whiskey,
And I was a gup,
Iíd swim to the bottom
And Iíd drink my way up.
Rosie, sip on your Dixie cup,
Iím in no shape to drive tonight.

Repeat Chorus

Now those Concord boys
They sing so well
A little off key
But you canít really tell.
This old guitar has been through hell
But my Rosie, she donít seem to mind.

Repeat Chorus

[Thanks to Joshua Panda for lyrics]

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